The second year of CoNStruction was even more successful than the first one. This time, the number of participants was higher and they came from different places: Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia. All of them have successfully represented their hometown universities.

On the first day we have welcomed our guests, and made sure they get to their cozy rooms. After that we have organized a meet up for the participants and the organizators. During the conference, the participants had interesting daily activities that included different kind of lectures, but they have also visited local construction sites. They had a competition where they could present their scientific paper in the field of civil engineering and the best papers were awarded. Some of the lectures during the CoNStruction were: Studies on Eco-Friendly Concrete Incorporating Waste as Artificial Aggregate (M.Sc. Slobodan Šupić), Numerical Simulations of the Structural Behaviour Under Fire Conditions (M.Sc. Igor Džolev), Design and Construction of Railway Road Bridge in Novi Sad (DEL ING), Pre-fabricated Civil Engineering Solutions: Reinforced Earth MSE Walls & TechSpan Arches (Goran Krznarić). The participants have visited a big construction site in city centre called Science Technology Park, where they could see the usage of pre-stressed concrete, as well as interesting organization of the construction site itself. A workshop for all participants was also included in the programme.

On the last day of CoNStruction, organizators have closed the conference, they have made a small evalutaion of the whole event and the participants were awarded certificates. A big part of the conference was also the sightseeing of Novi Sad, where the participants could see all the mainpoints of the city, but they have also had an opportunity to discover new friendships.