CIVIL 3D workshop

The name of a workshop: Modules for geodesy in the programme Civil 3D

Softwer: Civil 3D

Lecturer Tanja Gmitrović

The content of the worksop:

Day I: Working with points

  1. Defining the symbol of a point
  2. Defining the label of a point
  3. Crating and making Civil 3D points
  4. Import of a ASCII file
  5. Creating a group of points
  6. Modification of the label position
  7. Generating report


Day II: Working with surfaces

  1. Creating the surfaces of isohypses
  2. Creating the surfaces of points
  3. Generisanje i primena stila površi
  4. Working with breakline
  5. Surface editing
  6. Surface marking
  7. Elevation analysis

More information soon.

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